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Yoga-Drum Embodiment Class

Join guest teachers James and Teela in a powerful class designed to bring you deeper into your human experience. Their integrative “reHumanization" practice will be distilled into some of its most potent experiential elements for this 90 minute class - yoga, primal movement, neurosensory exercises, live drumming, meditation (through Theta drum entrainment), Reiki, and more. It will begin with soulful Vinyasa Flow-style Yoga, designed to enhance body awareness, increase intuitive connection, and move stale energy. Live drumming will accompany you as you create heat throughout the flow. In addition to moving and creating more energy, the drum will lead your breath and bring you home to its power. As you rest into your final savasana, the drum will offer you one final gift. Through a process called “entrainment,” your brainwaves will sync to the beat of the drum, reducing the speed of your mind effortlessly to the meditative and healing “Theta-state.” You’ll float in this state until we bring you back at the end of the class, all the while receiving Reiki and the healing resonance of the drum.

All levels are welcome!

Important notes:
- Drum entrainment directly affects the brainwaves. Discretion is advised for those with a history of epilepsy.
- This is an 18+ event
- Don't forget to bring a mat and water.


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