Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals

Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals is a collaboration of holistic service providers that help others heal, experience joy and achieve authenticity in their lives. They offer many services such as aromatherapy, career strategy, life coaching, postpartum care, prenatal care, readings, and more much. 

Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals (WRHP) members include Betty Frey, Cella Janisch-Hartline, Mary Ann Marx, Ivy Nowland, and Kelly McNeely. WRHP provides an abundance of services that help others heal, experience joy and achieve authenticity in their lives. This group of women are dedicated to their mission and mutual purpose to offer a wide range of holistic services that address the needs of the whole person; mind, body & spirit.

Massage Therapy - Pinnacle Massage

Lisa Wipperfurth has been practicing for 3 1/2 years. She studied at East West Healing Arts in Madison.  Her training is in both Eastern and Western practices. Lisa's Eastern practices involve TuiNa (which is Chinese therapeutic massage), acupressure points, and treatment of the whole body/person versus just the symptom.  The Western practice involves Swedish, Deep tissue, Pregnancy, and Sports Massage. She also uses Fire Cupping to facilitate a more specific treatments.

" I like to tell my clients that my sessions with them are tailored to where they are that day. Where their needs are in that moment. We develop a plan for treatment based on that. Each session can be different and that is ok. Every session and every day is different - we need to accept and  acknowledge this. We need to be ok with being in the now: the today. I welcome you to experience this with me and welcome it into your life. Let me help you bring it to the present."