Prairie Fire Yoga Instructor Bios

Mike Phillips - Studio Owner & Instructor 

Mike’s yoga journey started in 2009. His professional career brought him in contact with the owner of Inner Fire Yoga Studio. He found out very quickly just how powerful a regular yoga practice could be.Yoga allowed him to focus on managing stress and weight loss in addition to helping heal injuries from other athletic activities.  In 2013 a new job opportunity moved Mike to Sauk Prairie. Missing the power of a regular practice, Mike and Lori kept their eyes open for the right space to open Prairie Fire Yoga. He became a 200 HR. certified yoga instructor in 2015 through IFY. Mike’s classes focus on breath (pranayama), strength, and focus. He is very excited and passionate about bringing Prairie Fire Yoga to this community.

Lori Anderson - Studio Manager

Brian Perry

Brian came to practice yoga, after having a second ACL surgery, on a recommendation from a friend. He needed to regain his strength and balance, and figured….why not?!? Through the past 3 years, yoga has remained a constant presence in his life. He completed his training with Scott Anderson in the Alignment Yoga Program at Mound Street Yoga Center in Madison, Wisconsin. He is foremost and always a student of yoga and secondly, an instructor. He continues his yoga education through studies in the ancient yoga texts, participating in trainings, workshops, and a daily personal practice. His style envelopes the dynamic flowing movement of vinyasa yoga, while incorporating a more detailed approach to alignment (often through the use of props) and exploration through modified postures. He offers an opportunity to connect to yourself and to the universe, to feel alive, to simply breathe and to truly inhabit your body.

Emilie Lukens

Emilie has been an athlete since a very young age, the wear and tear on her body eventually started to take it's toll, so she ended up getting back into yoga August of 2014. Not only did she physically feel better but her mental state changed dramatically. At that moment she knew she wanted to become a teacher. Giving back to those in life that may struggle with physical or mental issues is her passion. Guiding students through the practice of yoga in hopes they can find some relief in their daily lives. She did her teacher training through 21st Century Yoga studying under Alex Pfeiffer. When Emilie is not teaching yoga you can find her coaching swimming for SPAC, riding her bike, hiking with her dogs, or boating with her husband Travis on Lake Wisconsin. Emilie always said: "My definition of beauty is inner peace".

Yukiko Dawson

Yukiko’s yoga journey started when she went to her first class with friends just to try it. After a couple of classes, she decided to try Hot yoga and it was super challenging! Yet, something inside of her wanted to go back in the room. After her first Power flow class, she fell in love with yoga. Yoga, for her, became more than just wanting to be physically healthy. It makes her feel like she is taking care of herself. She has found that it's helped her find the "real me", building confidence and a strong heart. And she is still growing. Yukiko received her 200 HR certification through Inner Fire Yoga’s teacher training program in Madison, WI in 2015. She is honored to share her experience and knowledge. 
“Let's grow and shine together!”

Ren LaDassor

Ren LaDassor began her yoga practice seriously 10 years ago. Thru different phases of her life she has taken an interest in different types of yoga, from Hatha to Bikram, finding the yoga that best suits her needs for whatever life is handing her. Thru that discovery she has found a power flow practice that fuels her desire for mind body connection but also gives a strenuous work out called Strala Yoga. She did a 200 hour teacher training with Strala Yoga in NYC 3 years ago, and has been teaching it ever since.  For the last 7 years Ren has been working in New York City as a Broadway Costume Design Assistant.   After achieving a childhood dream of working on Broadway, she set her sights on a calmer life and in 2014 relocated to Madison and hasn't looked back. Strala Yoga is a Power Flow Vinyasa style class. The class includes no fancy yoga terms, no unimaginable yoga poses only seen in magazines. It focuses on visiting poses multiple times, giving the opportunity to check in with them, then move on to the next. Using the one breath one movement flow, the class is set to upbeat music, and doesn't give you the chance to get stuck on a pose, but instead keeps you moving and exploring what your body has to offer you today. 

Barb Phillips

Barb has been practicing yoga for over five years. She was introduced to yoga by brother-in-law, Mike Phillips, as an alternative to treating severe and chronic back and neck pain. She found that yoga not only relieves the pain, but also helps to reduce stress and improve energy for the busy life she leads. Barb received her RYT 200 certification in 2015 from Dragonfly Yoga in Madison. Barb is continuing to learn and develop in her own yoga practice and strives to help those who feel limited in their activities as a result of pain. In addition to teaching yoga, Barb is a school teacher. She has been teaching young children for 27 years. She uses yoga in her classroom with her students on a daily basis.  Barb has both her BS and masters degrees in education. Barb enjoys staying active with her husband, Dave, their 3 children, and their dog.

Michael Ward

Michael has been a student of yoga for over 30 years.  In 1988, he completed teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas in a program integrating the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. In 2002, he began a regular and ongoing practice of the original “hot” yoga series of Bikram Choudary, a style emphasizing a challenging physical discipline.  In 2015, he completed 200 hours of hot yoga and power flow training with Inner Fire Yoga in Madison.  Michael has also been learning the somewhat revolutionary Sri Daiva alignment system of Desi Springer. Elements of all three of these traditions are blended in his teaching. Michael is also a physician in Rehabilitation Medicine and an Associate Professor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin Medical School. 

Brenda Autz

Brenda loves working with people and has a passion for wellness and education.  She worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and then became an Elementary School Teacher.  Her fourth grade students experience mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga during the school day. Practicing yoga has been a part of Brenda’s life for many years.  She has learned from a variety of teachers in different places and spaces, from the bank down the street to a silent studio in Thailand. She appreciates the positive benefits found with regular yoga practice including strength, flexibility, and balance, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.  Brenda received her certification through Dragonfly Teacher Training in June 2015.

Hannah Smith 

Hannah Smith was born in Wisconsin, but began practicing yoga at the age of 18, while attending massage school in Salt Lake City, Utah. U pon completing massage school, she began exploring the mountain west. There Hannah found adventure in skiing, climbing, and learning the natural forces of the environment battling wild­land fires. Yoga was always present during this period of discovery, and she sought to deepen her practice by learning to teach. Eleven years later, she has taught continuously in Utah, Northern California (where she discovered surfing), and now Wisconsin. Along the way, she has continued her studies with trainings and workshops in Prana Flow Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, and Ayurveda, among many others, and more recently has begun seeking out teachers in the Iyengar tradition. Now nestled back into her homeland, she has settled with her husband and dog on the banks of the Wisconsin River, and looks forward to continuing her practice, studies, and teaching over the course of her life. Hannah brings a deep interest in anatomy and awareness of healing touch to her classes. Her innate athleticism, poet’s soul, and profound respect for the power of alignment and rest coalesce into an overall therapeutic experience.

Jenn Smith 

Jenn's journey with yoga started similarly to many others, she was a runner looking for a companion activity to help stretch and strengthen. She instantly became hooked! At first she was in love with the physicality of the practice, the heat and the community. After time went on, she realized that her life was beginning to shift. She felt happier, less stressed and able to deal with problems as they arose more easily. After years of practicing she felt the desire to take her practice deeper and decided to take a teacher training. She did her 200 hour training with Inner Fire Yoga. She is so grateful for all the teachers in her life who have inspired her and taught her so much on and off the mat. She is honored to share her love and passion for yoga with others. She encourages you to be present as you step on your mat and let love and energy cultivate within.

Dayna Hannah

Dayna grew up in Wisconsin and has always enjoyed an active lifestyle.  She discovered  a passion for running but was searching for a fun, interactive way to get fit.  She went through numerous trainings to become a Certified Instructor for Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack programs. Her outgoing, positive, and loving life personality was a great fit for teaching and connecting with members of the community. Last year she started attending Tone Flow at Prairie Fire Yoga and was instantly hooked!  So when the opportunity came along to teach tone classes, she jumped at the opportunity.  Dayna looks forward to bringing her experience and energy to every class!  

Lyndsey Condon

Lyndsey Condon began a steady yoga practice about 6 years ago when she was suffering from severe pain at her job as a dental hygienist due to sciatica. She began taking slow heated classes that allowed yoga to start to change her body from the inside out. As her practice grew, she developed a passion for hot vinyasa classes, which became her true love in the yoga world. She received her 200 RYT certification in 2016 through The Studio in Madison. In her classes you can expect a lot of movement with fun challenges and a great soundtrack to keep you going! In her personal life, you will find she and her husband hiking, kayaking, or anything that involves outdoor adventures."

Alyssa Ploessl

Alyssa Ploessl is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher, trained in the Vinyasa style, which involves linking breath with movement. She first discovered yoga at the age of 16, and received her teaching certification from Dragonfly Hot Yoga in the spring of 2015. Alyssa loves the smell of old books, the texture of the earth, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive! Her mindfully crafted yoga sequences, as well as her use of aromatherapy in classes, will leave you feeling balanced and serene. Yoga gave Alyssa the insight to find her true self, and helped her learn to live life with passion and zeal! She hopes to inspire others and to bring more positivity to the world through this wonderful practice.

Tami Raitt

After dabbling in yoga on and off for years, Tami joined a hot yoga studio in the fall of 2013 and within one month, knew that teacher training was on her horizon. Tami believes that life is about choices and that every day we have the opportunity to try something new, to explore and learn, and not take ourselves too seriously, both on and off the mat. She enjoys a fun, challenging class that helps people explore their strength and find some humor in their yoga practice. Little known fact about Tami, continuous improvement is in her blood. Not only does she strive to learn and develop personally, in her professional life she is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Sensei. Every day offers each student the opportunity to meet themselves just as they are, and is a reason to smile, laugh and celebrate! Come celebrate with Tami!

Peg Trehey