Employee Wellness: Meditation Classes

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Meditation 101

Our most popular meditation class can be done again and again.

This class will cover breath awareness meditation, mindfulness meditation, metta or loving-kindness meditation, and progressive/autogenic relaxation techniques.

$60/hour or 3 sessions/$150

Meditation 201

An adventurous follow-up to Meditation 101, this series explores more exotic techniques such as Kundalini kriyas, pranayama, zazen, and Transcendental Meditation.

$60/hour or 3 sessions/$150

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Yoga Nidra

A form of guided meditation used to lead one into the hypnagogic state – a conscious state between sleep and wakefulness. The state of being awake and alert involves alpha brain waves. Deep sleep involves delta waves. During deep states of meditation and light sleep, the brain waves that are active are the theta waves—involved in the REM dream state (important because it is the restorative part of our sleep cycle).

The practice of Yoga nidra helps the brain shift into this zone between the waking and sleeping states of consciousness. Yoga nidra practitioners were found in studies to have higher alpha and theta brainwave activity. This type of brain wave activity promotes alert consciousness, while at the same time, being in a very relaxed state of mind (source).

It is said that a 30 minute yoga nidra session can give you the equivalent of 2 hours of good quality sleep. Yoga nidra is a useful technique for refreshing tired employees.

For more information and research on yoga nidra, see here.

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